A UNIDO report puts the global volume of waste from the production and processing of genuine leather from raw hides at over 2.7 million tonnes per year. Why shouldn’t we use this material? RELEA’s goal is to recycle as much of this leather waste as possible and to convert it into a high quality material – in the sense of the valuable resource real leather, its industry, customers and the environment!


The idea of further processing animal skins – as a by-product of meat production – into shoes and clothing has been around for thousands of years – as can be clearly admired in Ötzi’s example. Because it is far too bad to simply dispose of leather residues that arise in the production of genuine leather or during processing into products made of high-quality genuine leather, RELEA is available.

We recycle leather – that is our mission! Companies provide us with their leather scraps, which we process into RELEA in an innovative process: The production takes place in Germany, the coating in Germany and Italy. Short transport and communication routes, low CO2 emissions and resource savings are enormously important to us. Thanks to constant monitoring of our processes, we guarantee the sustainability and quality of our products – also proven by our Oekotex certificate!

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Circular economy

Circular economy means closing the circle of resource use, energy consumption and waste. The reduction of emissions and the economical use of resources protect the environment. From the scraps of the leather industry we develop completely new products, which we return to the companies in which the leather residues occur. Whether as shop fittings, floor coverings, furniture or a sustainable collection line of bags, shoes, belts, etc. – the customers themselves decide on the shape. RELEA can also be produced in company colours or with a logo thanks to a wide range of surface design options. Our recycling system plays a major role in changing the recycling capacities in the leather industry in the long term – in the interests of our environment, the leather industry and our customers.