we recycle leather


and transform leather scraps into materials for high-quality applications.


RELEA stands for REcycled LEAther.

On the base of intensive research and development, we have developed a unique material. We create leather materials from soft upper leather scraps, punching waste of sole leather and remnants from tanneries for the most demanding applications in the furniture, bag and fashion industries as well as in interior design. Diverse, aesthetic and sustainable.


RELEA extends the life cycle of leather – a valuable, natural material that is valued by industry and consumers for its special properties. We transform leather residues from product manufacturers and tanneries into new materials.

In circular economy projects, we use leather residues from companies and return them to them in the form of our unique material.


RELEA – our name is both an incentive and an offer. As a brand, we stand for a sustainable material that creates new creative freedom, enables innovative applications and meets the highest technical and aesthetic requirements. Right from the start, we developed RELEA with sustainability in mind: production, design and application possibilities give RELEA the potential to change an entire industry.

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