RELEA stands for REcycled LEAther.

RELEA stands for material innovation and is the result of decades of tradition in the research, development and production of leather fibre fabrics.  

RELEA is based on the targeted design of recycling management processes, material design for industry-specific processability and the conception of a clear brand identity.


Ledertech Deutschland GmbH, Bopfingen

Ledertech is one of the global pioneers in the production of fine leather fibre fabrics and can look back on over 90 years of company history.

  • Decades of experience and extensive know-how
  • High innovative power and own development
  • Intensive research into sustainable leather recycling
  • Passion for aesthetics and premium materials
Logo Ledertech leder recycling


Thomas Beck, Berlin

Thomas Beck combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design and focuses on sustainability and quality.

  • Art & Furniture carpenter – graduate interior designer & product designer
  • Certified “Design Thinker” – customer needs are the focus and point of view
  • Many years of experience in design & production – customers in the premium segment
  • Passion for sustainability – symbiosis & circulation dynamics as a basis


RELEA has the potential to revolutionize an entire industry.

  • Innovative, specialized material properties for untapped, new markets
  • Recycling and circular economy extends the life cycle of
    a valuable resource
  • Highest efficiency and yield through modern, technological processing options
  • Highest demands on aesthetics and quality as a promise for the customer
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